• Everyone is an artist  

    With the right training


  • Who we are

    We are a team of artists, scientists and technologists. We reimagine and regenerate spaces and environments to deliver culturally engaged and happier people. We have a blend of commercial insight, startup mindset, and extraordinary ambition.

    What we do

    Our goal is to build the operating system of urban culture by:


    Building physical hubs: starting with our flagship Piccadilly location for urban excellence in London


    Using Augmented Reality: to extend our physical space and Piccadilly Circus into whatever can be imagined


    Creating a platform - that turns a billion fans of urban culture into artists.


    We believe everyone is an artist - they just haven't had the right training yet


    Train Like Athletes, Think Like Artists

    The world is changing...quickly. We think one thing won't change - human ingenuity. Our belief is that by investing in human intelligence, led by arts, we can help build an exiting future. A future of where we use uniquely human skills and blend them with technology. In academia this is called HCAI (Human Centered Artificial Intelligence). We think of it as "the right training"; human intelligence + artificial intelligence. The possibilities are endless.